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What movies is Tom Cruise in? ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Jack Reacher,’ ‘Mission Impossible’ and more

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Tom Cruise is a very successful actor who has had many roles, some of which he has continued to play many years into his career. Perhaps the role he is best known for is Maverick in the blockbuster hit, “Top Gun.” The original “Top Gun” movie came out in 1986 and Cruise reprised the character in the 2022 movie “Top Gun: Maverick” which broke box office records. 

“Top Gun: Maverick” stars a couple of the same characters from the original, Cruise and Val Kilmer who plays Iceman and also brought in a lot of new characters like Miles Teller who plays Rooster, Glen Powell who plays Hangman and Jennifer Connelly who plays Cruise’s love interest in the film, Penny.


Tom Cruise played Maverick in the original "Top Gun" movie and reprised his role in the 2022 film "Top Gun: Maverick." 

Tom Cruise played Maverick in the original “Top Gun” movie and reprised his role in the 2022 film “Top Gun: Maverick.” 
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Another role Cruise is known for is Ethan Hunt from “Mission: Impossible.” The first movie of the series came out in 1986 and was followed by “Mission: Impossible II,” “Mission: Impossible III,” “Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol” and “Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation.” The newest movie “Mission: Impossible-Fallout” came out in 2018. All of the movies have starred Cruise. There is a new movie “Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part 1” set to come out in 2023 and an eighth movie coming out in 2024.

Some of Cruise’s other popular action movies are the 2017 film,”The Mummy” and his two “Jack Reacher” movies. He is also in “The Color of Money,” “Rain Man,” “Days of Thunder,” “A Few Good Men,” “Collateral,” “War of the Worlds,” “Lions for Lambs,” “Tropic Thunder,” “Knight and Day,” “Rock of Ages,” “Oblivion,” “Edge of Tomorrow” and “American Made.” 

In addition to Cruise’s many acting roles, he also has produced all the “Mission: Impossible” movies as well as both “Jack Reacher” movies and “Top Gun: Maverick.”


How much is Tom Cruise currently worth? 

Cruise has a net worth of $600 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The site reports that he makes $50 million every year. The large majority of his net worth comes from the movies he has done over his long career in the entertainment industry. 

Tom Cruise is not currently married, but was married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes in the past. 

Tom Cruise is not currently married, but was married to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes in the past. 
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Is Tom Cruise still married?

Cruise is not currently married. He has been married three times in the past. He was married to Mimi Rogers from 1987 to 1990 and then was married to Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001 and Katie Holmes from 2006 to 2012.

Cruise has two children whom he adopted with Kidman, Connor Cruise and Isabella Cruise. He also has a biological daughter with Holmes named Suri. 

Can Tom Cruise fly a jet? 

Tom Cruise can fly a jet. He obtained his pilot’s license in 1994 and reportedly owns some aircrafts of his own. Cruise also flew some smaller planes in “Top Gun: Maverick” and put together a whole training course for his co-stars to participate in to prepare for the flights they would have to endure while filming the movie. The stars of the film all flew in jets with real military trained pilots which was able to give the movie an extremely realistic looking affect.  

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