The Missions behind Creation of Billy Blank Boot Camp Elite

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Those people who have changed a lot because of Tae Bo are surely familiar with Billy Blanks – its creator. Well, this total revolutionary system for body fitness has helped a lot of people all over the world in getting into shape. Tae Bo targets, contours and sculpts your body for burning fats and losing inches in order to build your muscles.

Billy combines Tae Kwon Do with dance music while he was doing his home training. Later on, he saw that the results were fantastic so he decided to open the Billy Blanks World Training Center in 1989 at Sherman Oaks, California where he started to promote Tae Bo. Tae Bo boomed when Paula Abdul, a renowned singer and dancer gained apparent results after becoming one of Billy’s clients.

Since then Tae Bo became popularly known with various Hollywood Celebrities where Billy also belongs. His rise to popularity as a physical trainer of stars and fitness expert is known all over the world. Despite his amazing achievements, he is not resting yet and continues to work on in helping people on their physical improvement.

This led him to develop his brand new and explosive work out system known as the Billy’s Boot Camp Elite. It is his mission to get people in shape. This system is complete, an innovative program which was combined with the true-and-tried Tae Bo workouts and all special techniques used by Billy in training elite troops worldwide.

Billy’s Boot Camp Elite is truly amazing, fast, effective, and fun. With this brand-new series of workouts, Billy Blank will help people boost their metabolism, break their weight-loss plateaus, and achieve their goals. Whether they wanted to tone, lose and trim extra pounds, Billy’s Boot Camp Elite will bring you there.

Billy’s Boot Camp Elite workouts have three phases of mission. Each phase is provided with bonus workout footages from Billy and daughter Shellie as they guide people in achieving a healthier body through proper techniques.

First on the list is to get started. Billy teaches the workout basics of the Boot Camp Elite. New Billy Elite Bands has also been added. This resistance bands is the secret weapon of Billy against flab and fat combined with Billy’s Boot Camp Elite. It is used for muscle sculpting and toning. The handles contain a one-pound weight which can be removed or added for more intensity and variety. This is an intense and fun workout that will keep people empowered and energized while achieving a sculpted, lean body.

Second was to gain maximum power incorporated with an explosive toning and sculpting workout which are purely strength training. This is also done with the use of Billy’s Bands for some technique execution such as biceps curls, shoulder press, kicks, and squat thrusts to build a strong body and mind.

Third was to develop hard rock abs. Billy guides you in achieving a chiseled, sculpted tummy through incredible routines such as floor routines and amazing isolation moves with the aid of Billy’s Bands.

These are not just what Billy has to offer. Along with Billy’s Boot Camp Elite are bonus cardiovascular workouts, 7-Day Eating Plan which is a low-carb healthy eating plan, 7-Day Supply Energy Formula for boosting metabolism, and signature dog tags from Billy with the engraved words “Trust” and “Truth” symbolizing inspiration as well as success.

Billy Blank Boot Camp Elite is truly a great help not only for celebrities but for ordinary people as well to look and feel great.

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