Army Boot Camp: Where Men are Separated from Boys

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When national security is at stake, the militia is the primary defense of any state. The Armed Forces of all the countries around the world is a very important faction or branch of the government. The men in the uniform do not just serve in times of war but as well as in times of calamities.

In the United States of America, the armed forces play a very important role for the union. The military is called by the state for special purposes and very delicate missions. The countries toughest and bravest men are said to be found in the United States Armed Forces.

One division of the USAF is the army. The army is composed of several men that are divided into different battalions. The army is intended for man to man combat. In the country, the army has the biggest recruit as compared to other divisions like the Navy or the Air Force. Every year, a total amount of 12,000 recruits are being sent to different training facilities and boot camps.

The Army has the most arduous job as compared to the navy and the air force. They are expected to be sent to strict trails and jungles for long periods of time. During combat, their endurance is important than the skills they learned. That is why the army’s trainings are not so easy.

The trainings consist of many sessions and drills. Each session and drill has its purpose and equivalent real application. The recruits are also trained with the basics of the military, including the ethics and the discipline.

These trainings are done in vast places and facilities. Most of the times the trainings are done in boot camps. Boot camps are located in many army bases in the country. Forts Jackson, Benning, Knox, Leonard Wood, McClellan and Sill are the most used facilities and bases for training. The trainings are sometimes not done simultaneously in these places. There are exclusive trainings that are done solely on a certain venue. For example, recruits that are focusing more on combat engineering, Fort Knox is the place for their trainings.

Mostly, the training in boot camps especially for new recruits or enlists may take 9 straight weeks. Every week there are exercises, lectures, and drills that each enlist must undertake and eventually pass.

On the first three to four weeks of the training, the recruit will learn the basics about being a soldier. They are also given chance to be acquainted with their rifle. The most important lesson to be learned during these weeks is the military values and disciplines. Values like Respect and Duty are being emphasized during these weeks of training. The physical developments are also being done during these times and are monitored to advance for the next few weeks.

The next weeks of training, the recruit will be exposed to more advance trainings and drills. On the fifth week, the recruits will undergo marksmanship exercise and they will be awarded with badges. As the training progresses the recruits will learn other values such as integrity, honor, personal courage and selfless service.

The trainings in the boot camps are truly rewarding. All the things that one may learn in the army boot camp training will surely be used for the real combat world. Hard training in the army boot camps is the main factor why the US army is still the best army in the whole world.

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