Coaching Philosophies For Kids To Learn Baseball

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Coaching Philosophies For Kids To Learn Baseball Parents want their kids to learn baseball for many reasons. Perhaps, it is caused by love for the game, a playing background, a longing to give something back, or sometimes, it is simply because nobody among other adults can teach the game to kids. If coaching your own child/s is your plan, here are some baseballs coaching philosophies you need to keep in mind:

1. You are your child’s most important role model – Coach can be the most influential person in a kid?s life. As a parent, you are your child’s role model. You need to teach your kids not only skills on how to throw, catch, hit and base run but also the values of teamwork, positive attitude, work ethic, perseverance and more. Your kids look up to you not only for guidance and instruction but also on how you deal with real game situations. Kids are watchful on how you react on situations, so if you choose to coach your own child, you must take it seriously and responsibly.

2. Stay positive – Some kids learn baseball fast, others don?t. Your kids need a patient coach that will support and teach them the basics of baseball and other essential techniques in the game. You should stay positive in coaching them to help your kids develop the ability to communicate their apprehensions, questions and doubts about their abilities.

3. Show your kids you care – As a parent and a coach, kids need to feel that you care. Take time to listen to them. You may watch a live game to discuss what skills they lack or you may try to know what’s going on in their lives outside the court.

4. Make sure you and your kids are having fun – Regardless of age, fun is essential to a player’s life to stay motivated and keep interested in the game. Make sure you and your kids are having fun by creating a happy playing environment. If your kids approve, you may invite family members and some of their friends to watch your baseball practice.

5. Motivate your kids to improve skills – Do not make the mistake of motivating your kids to learn baseball by telling them that you want them to become the next baseball hero. Pressure is not a good baseball motivator. When motivating your kids, you should focus on strengths and skills that need improvement.

6. Let your kids learn baseball by practice or doing – Explaining to your kids the basics, rules, and methods are important but it is through practice they totally learn the in’s and out’s of baseball.

7. Emphasize organization and discipline – As a coach, you need to communicate your expectations and required discipline to your kids for them to take seriously your coaching. If you don’t establish rules, you will quickly lose control of your kids learning. Make them pay attention, look into to each player?s eye and talk to them what you expect and they needed to do to learn baseball right.

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