Greg Gutfeld: The Left loves to virtue signal, because non-action replaces real action

The planet is sick, but it’s not from climate change. It’s sick because some very lonely, media-inspired leftists, want to make your life as miserable and useless as theirs. …

Some beliefs are easy to debunk. For example, this was definitely not Kat Timpf out at a bar last night.

Clip of woman dancing on, then falling off bar

We are also told by the media that diversity is the single most important issue right now at work and at school. They all agree on this. No diversity there. It’s group-think, without the think part.

But if earnest White liberals believe that too many White people are in undeserved jobs – why aren’t they resigning, to make room for non-White people? I’ll give the viewers at home 10 minutes to stop laughing.

But if the woke agree that White students or employees need to abdicate their leadership roles, shouldn’t they lead by example? Take CNN. 

Surely in a nation of more than 300 million, there must be a better Jeff Zucker out there — a Black one. The White one is terrible at his job, yet there he sits, all entitled. But if you ask that question — it’s guaranteed not a single leftwing caucasian will take you up on it. They want you to put your job on the market, not theirs.

They love to virtue signal because its non-action that replaces real action. You also see this in the hilariously hypocritical world of climate change. As Campus Reform points out – Gen Z and Millennials – the kids we send to college to make them unlikable and unemployable – are the most likely to get involved in climate activism. And they talk a good game. They’ll tell you to use less fuel, eat less meat. Which makes me think they’re the ones responsible for the last two hackings.

But ask them to practice what they preach, and they collapse faster than a thriving economy under Joe Biden. Dare them to back up their words with actions and they fold faster than a hammock holding Brian Stelter and his jumbo bag of deep-fried donut holes. (Chris Cuomo feeds them into his mouth like grapes.)

Reporter Ophelie Jacobson visited Georgetown University – and talked to students to see just how much they were willing to do for the planet. And of course: everyone agreed how crucial it was to fight climate change.

Clip of Campus Reform’s Jacobson speaking with students: 

Q: How important is climate change to you and combatting it, fighting against it? A: Well, climate change is like everything. When you live you like to have clear air and clear environment. // A: I think it’s important because climate is something that we live in and thrive on so it’s something we need to protect. // A: It directly affects us and everything around us. So, yea, I don’t think people have been doing enough for it. // A: Very important and very pressing. It should be talked about more. // A: I agree. It’s very important and should be taken more seriously. And it upsets me… that it’s been politicized.

Q: Do you think we should be doing everything in our power as individuals to combat it? A: Yea obviously. // A: When you see it’s very important so why not? This shouldn’t be a question. // A: It’ll directly affect us so we should be doing everything we can. 

Q: Biden released a plan for climate change, trying to combat the crisis—would you support a plan like that? A: Yes. // A: Generally would follow it if it was correct. // A: Yes. He actually mentioned it in his speech to Congress, correct? // A: Yes, definitely because it’s such a big issue. // A: Yea I would support any plan to try and help it.

How thoughtful! Our future is in safe hands! If only they could pronounce the “t” in important. Are ts bad for the environment! It’s import-tant to me!

But what happens when you ask them to sign a pledge vowing to actually do their part? What do you think?

Clip of Campus Reform’s Jacobson speaking with students: 

Q: Do you guys vow to stop all personal air travel? So never use an airplane, especially international travel? Do you guys pledge to eat a cold dinner three times a week to decrease the number of times you use your stove because that creates carbon emissions? And would you guys commit to living somewhere where you can only use a bike, so you would have to sell your car, you’d have to bike to work to school every single day? If you guys vowed to do all three of these things, you guys can sign the pledge. But if you guys don’t… A: I’m sorry we have to go.  

Wow, they fled like they were being chased by charlie rose in an open robe with a jar of Vick’s vapor rub! Let’s hear more!

Clip of Campus Reform’s Jacobson speaking with students: 

Q: So you would never fly in a plane ever again? A: I mean, that one could be a little bit difficult.

Q: Would you be willing to do all three of these things? Never travel on an airplane again? Never use a car? Eat cold dinners? In an effort to combat climate change? A: Yes for a given amount of time. Q: For the rest of your life? A: Probably not. I travel a lot so it would be difficult. How else would I go, how else would I get around? // A: I’ll be eating cold dinner three times a week. Q: What about the other ones? A: Uh, maybe not. // A: I definitely can vow to do the first one, however, I don’t know about the second because it’d be difficult finding meals that don’t require cooking.  


Wait – he says it would be difficult to find edible uncooked food. Apparently, he’s never heard of this thing called an apple. That’s what’s keeping him from saving the planet? His fear of a cold, Hot Pocket. Finally —

Clip of Campus Reform’s Jacobson speaking with students: 

Q: Looking at this plan a lot of politicians are pushing for this, obviously President Biden created it, do you think they’re going to be the ones to stop their plane travel, stop using cars, or do you think they’re going to continue to do the same thing while they ask other Americans to stop? A: I think they’re going to continue to do the same thing. It’s annoying and rude because if they’re wanting us to stop why don’t they stop too? // A: It’s not fair. That’s selfishness for me. // A: Again, if they’re going to expect us to do it, then expect everyone to do it. // A: It seems like they’re lying all over so I would say it’s pretty hypocritical for them to say all Americans should stop when they’re not.  

It’s almost like they just learned something. So it’s easy to poke fun of young minds who endorse crap that they really haven’t thought through. Which is why we do it! It’s Friday! And it’s also why God made Democrats. They never have second thoughts, because it’s hard enough coming up with the first one.

It’s not entirely the kids’ fault – schools used to teach people how to think. Now they teach you how to feel. And especially, to feel bad. About the planet. About America. About their past as an oppressor. I wonder what the angry White male has to say?

Tom Shillue, Angry White Male: People ask me if I believe in the concept of privilege. You bet I do. Was I born with a set of advantages? Yes, I was. Do I owe everything I’ve ever accomplished to those advantages? I do. My privilege—being born in the USA.

He’s whiter than eating marshmallows at Brooks Brothers. So, now the losers in media are trying to convince us to eat insects to save the planet. We’re gonna have to start paying extra for that fly in your soup. CNN forced one anchor to wolf down a cicada on live tv. It was embarrassing, but some of her best work. I’m talking about the cicada. I wonder what’s cooking on CNN now?

Clip of man and woman eating cicadas

When did CNN become the Food Network? Next up Wolf Blitzer shares his recipe for cockroach casserole with a graham cracker crust!

Research shows that what’s being taught about climate change is creating eco-anxiety among kids — turning happy kids into terrified basket cases. Of course — this is their poster child [picture of Greta Thunberg]. As if acne, Snapchat and teachers unions aren’t enough trouble – kids now have to shoulder the coming apocalypse. And do you know what some teachers suggest to help? To expand the climate emergency curriculum.  


Yes, whatever is making these kids sick, should be mandatory for everyone! How is this not bullying? That’s the world we live in right now. The planet is sick, but it’s not from climate change.

It’s sick from some very lonely, media-inspired leftists, who want to make your life as miserable and useless as theirs. Can you blame them? Yes. Yes, you can.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the June 4, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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