Cayman Islands? Best Places To Visit

If you plan to have a vacation in Cayman Islands, it is worth noting the places in the islands where most people visit and enjoy. The islands offer unique tourist attractions which include Sting Ray City, the Cayman Turtle Farm, and Pedro St. James Historic Site. Below are some of the islands? best spots.

The Sting Ray City offers visitors an opportunity to have a close encounter with large stingrays. You might love the idea of stepping out from a boat into three feet of water on a sandbar and have legs rubbed with the wings of stingrays. It is said that the stingrays in the area became used to human touch years ago. This happened because fishermen would stop their boats on the side to clean the fish they caught and throw its remains over the side.

The Rum Point is a picturesque place on the side of Grand Cayman where you can hang out for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and dining. The place is ideal for these activities because of its casual island atmosphere.

The Grand Cayman’s Q. E. II Botanic Park is a two-acre Heritage Garden. It showcases a restored early 20th century, three-room, zinc-roofed Caymanian wooden cottage. You can also relax on its 2.5 acres floral garden that displays hundreds of tropical and sub tropical plants.

The Cayman Islands National Museum offers you more than 2,000 items of historical artifacts. These include old coins, rare documents, and natural history specimens. The private collection of historic memorabilia of the late Ira Thompson is said to be the museum?s foundation.

The Boatswain?s Beach (Cayman Turtle Farm) can educate you about sea turtles. It provides expanded facilities for visitor education. The farm holds a research and educational facility dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. The farm also has some birds, caiman, and other creatures.

The Cayman Craft Market is located in central George Town. The market provides you with locally made wood and leathering products, thatch and straw work, and local visual arts. Going to this place makes you immerse in a unique Caymanian atmosphere where you can buy a real part of Cayman and at the same time learn about the place?s culture and history.

The islands of Cayman also offer you an opportunity to visit caves. Caving opportunities include Bat Cave where you can see a colony of bats; Great Cave which gives you a taste of living in a pirate cave; Peter?s Cave which is known as a hurricane refuge; Pirate?s Caves which are natural limestone caves located below the southern part of Bodden Town; Rebecca?s Cave which is named after a girl who took refuge on the cave when a hurricane was plaguing the area and died and buried in the cave; and Skull Cave which got its name because its entrance looks like a skull.

In addition, you also have the option of hiking in the islands. You can go across Cayman Brac where trails include easy hikes, a group of caves on the southern shoreline, and two miles of trails through a reserve for the rare Cayman parrot. You can also take Grand Cayman?s Mastic Trail where you can see orchids, parrots, doves, woodpeckers, snakes, and lizards.

With all of these tourist spots, you can never be bored in your stay in Cayman Islands. All of these are the best ones to entertain you from day 1 up to your last.

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