Cayman Islands ? Some Travel Tips

Preparation is the best thing to do first of all when planning a vacation. Vacationing in Cayman Islands would not be very hard as they have some of the best facilities in the world, some of the nicest people, and best of all, a dream vacation place.

Still, it is wise to know how to talk to the residents, what gadgets to brings, what clothes to pack and what are the local customs to follow and things to avoid. The following are some tested tips from residents and tourists who had been there.

Insect repellent

You would perhaps wonder why this goes first in our list. Mosquitoes are not much of a problem really in the Cayman Islands, spending only around fifteen minutes during sunset.

The bother becomes a nuisance if there is a significant rainfall in the islands. Bring an insect repellent just to make sure you won?t get bothered by mosquitoes.

Appropriate clothes

Swimsuits, flipflops and sundresses are good only at the beach. You can get inside banks, restaurants, and shops only if you are wearing shoes and decent clothes.

In formal places, wear something right for the occasion.


You probably won?t get any discount whatsoever if you are going to do some haggling in the islands. The reason is that their products are already free from sales tax.

You will enjoy all the duty-free goodies like clothes and jewelry, rum cakes and toys and so many other things unique only from Cayman Islands.

Car rentals

It might be a little small island to wander around, but if you want to navigate and visit some of those other hidden places in the island, the best option is renting a car. This way, you can also bring your gear anytime to anywhere else.

No touch

When scuba diving and snorkeling, tourists are allowed to watch and take photos of the beauty of the different marine life forms. What is prohibited is touching them altogether. The reason is that they might stop growing, or worse, they die.

Throwing back

Tourists are asked to return their catch back into the sea as part of the conservation efforts of the country. Fish numbers had been successfully maintained at healthy levels, one reason why tourism in the islands is very healthy.


There is a 10% surcharge on accommodation rentals. Some hotels charge room tax which is different from the room surcharge. (Ask the receptionist if the price you are paying includes (or not) room tax. This is to avoid getting a major surprise when paying your bill.

Disabled persons

If you are having a companion with a disability, it might be good to stay only at Grand Cayman. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are for the adventurous and the risk-takers. Call the hotel reservations office first before you fly in to ensure your needs are met.


These travel tips are basic and are not difficult to follow at all. All these are for the preservation of the beauty of the Cayman Islands. You can show your love to the islands by acknowledging its rules and admiring the people?s unique way of life.

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