3D TV Your Home Becomes The Movie Theater

You must have enjoyed watching the movies in the cinemas which were played using the so called 3D technology. With all those 3D glasses plus the excitement brought about by the enlarged images that seem to be so near you, viewing has never been too animated. Because of that, you are able to feel that you are one with the action. You tend to touch, duck beneath, or even be surprised by the exhilarating feeling that is only available in the theaters. But do you know that it can now be made available in your own home? Yes, because 3D TV is now out in the market!

What is the 3D TV about?

Alright, so what are we really talking about? How is the 3D television set apart from the other kinds of technology that are applied on some television models?

For a better understanding, 3D television is a kind of a display technology which allows viewers to enjoy movies, sports, TV programs, and even video games in a stereoscopic effect while they are at home. The technology is based on the use of separation or otherwise known as ?stereopsis?, which adds the illusion of the third-dimension into the usual two-dimensional flat images.

Such image is made possible by the creation of two displays of separate yet full size different images in the same scene. One image is for the right eye while the other is for the left eye. The differences in both images are intentional as they are to mimic the human vision system in seeing an object. What is known as ?inter-pupillary distance? or the distance that separates the eyes of every human being aids the eyes to see the objects based from a slightly changed angle which then leads to two slightly different yet distinct images. The human brain processes all these differences so as to create the relative depth information to have the three-dimensional image.

Cost concern for today’s 3D TV owner hopefuls?

It is now possible to have a 3D TV at home but still, there are some issues that need to be solved before it can finally become an item in the mainstream home entertainment technology. It will not take a long time, however, before many homeowners, if not all, will consider buying it.

If you can afford one, buy one. There is no stopping at this 3D technology. It may be a bit expensive today, prices will surely drop.. Remember that in the past, only the rich can afford the newest “tubed-toy”. Then it didn’t take long before television sets became part of every home.

The fact then remains that upgrading the television set is yet a human norm. When the flat panel TVs came out, homeowners decided to say goodbye to their tube televisions. Other upgrades included the LCD, the plasma TV, then eventually the HDTV. With another technology being popularized, it is then another challenge to them. The 3D TV is good so far only that its present pricing seems to be a challenge to every buyer.

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