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With prices ranging over a thousand dollars, purchasing a pair of binoculars can be a major family expense. The good news is that despite the initial strain on the families budget a good pair of binoculars, with the right kind of care, should be a one time expense.

The first step in ensuring that your binoculars have a long future is making sure that they are properly cleaned after each use.

Before putting your binoculars are cleaned make sure that you cleaned before you put them away.

Make sure that you use a dry towel and wipe all of the binoculars exposed metal pieces. Returning your binoculars to their binocular case without properly drying the metal pieces will encourage the pieces to rust.

Carefully examine the internal optics, make sure that they are completely dust free. You can check the internal optics by holding them up towards to the light, then look through the objective lenses. If the internal optics of your binoculars have gotten dirty you are going to have to take the binoculars to a lens cleaning specialist to have the internal optics cleaned.

Use a small brush with soft camel hair bristles or lens cleaning cloths to clean your binoculars external lenses. Oil from your skin can leave smudges on the lenses surfaces so be careful not to touch the lens. Use a circular motion to wipe the lenses.

Do not ever try to dismantle your binoculars!

The fastest way to end your binoculars life is to drop them. A majority of binoculars get dropped when people are outside using them. The best way to avoid dropping your binoculars while they are in use is to attach the neck strap and keep it around your neck whenever the binoculars are out of their case. Never a use the strap to swing your binoculars to and fro. Try to avid walking into a tree while using your binoculars. If you have your binoculars around your neck, tuck them inside your shirt or jacket if you are going to cross a ditch or climb a steep hill.

When you get back to your car don’t set your binoculars on the seat. Countless numbers of binoculars have met a fatal end when they were set on a car seat without being returned to their binocular case and their owners were forced to abruptly hit the breaks. As the motion of the car stopped, the binoculars where thrown against the dashboard. Even if you have returned them to their case, don’t leave your binoculars sitting on your car seat, it is to easy for unsuspecting passengers so sit on them, keep them in your glove box.

On hot days take your binoculars out of the car. Intense heat can irrevocably damage your expensive binoculars.

Even if you have a pair of binoculars that are waterproof, try to avoid using them while it is raining. Raingaurds are useful during light rains but during heavy rains water can seep in through your binoculars housing, damaging the mechanisms.

If you accidentally drop your binoculars into some fresh water, get them to a professional cleaner as soon as possible, before they have a chance to rust. If you accidentally drop your binoculars in salt water, douse them with fresh water, place them in a plastic bag, seal the bag, and rush them to a professional cleaner. It doesn’t take very long for salt water to irrevocably damage a pair of good binoculars.

Always store your binoculars in a protective binocular case. Keep them up high, out of the reach of small children and pets.

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