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There are several things to remember when you are getting ready to purchase a pair of binoculars.

The numbers that are written after the binoculars name are very important. The first number is the amount of magnification the binocular has. The second number is the size of the optical lens. A binocular with the numbers 8X40 has a magnification of eight times and a lens size of 40mm. Although you can see objects that are farther away, binocular that have a magnification greater then ten start to loose image quality.

Binoculars that have lens that have a dark coating tend to withstand the test of time better then binoculars with un-coated lenses.

The advantage of purchasing a pair of binoculars from and Internet dealer is that they are typically cheaper then purchasing them from a retail store. On the other hand, purchasing them from a retail store gives you the opportunity to test your compatibility with the binoculars.

Spending a little extra money on a pair of water proof binoculars will pay off in the long run.

There are two types of binocular collectors, those that collect the plain and bulky field glasses and the collectors who are attracted to the compact and glittery opera glasses. Collectors will find lots of opportunities to expand their collection on EBay.

Each day, there are gadgets and gizmo’s added to binoculars.

When you aren’t using your binoculars you can prolong the life of your binoculars by storing them in a safe place, out of reach from small children and family pets.

Binoculars manufactured by the Zeiss company come with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

When your binoculars are not in their case, they should be attached to a neck strap that is hung securely around your neck. Keeping your binoculars around your neck will help prevent you from accidentally dropping them. If you accidentally drop your binoculars in saltwater, immediately rinse them with fresh water. Place them in a plastic baggie, seal the baggie, immediately bring the binoculars to a binocular repair shop. Saltwater is extremely detrimental to binoculars.

Do not expect a pair of digital binoculars to replace your personal digital camera, at the moment the camera quality on digital binoculars is not quite as good as it could be.

Thoroughly cleaning your binoculars will extend their life expectancy.

Some of Sony’s mini DV Handycam camcorders are made with Zeiss lenses.

Never keep your binoculars on your car seat. Keep them in your glove compartment while you are traveling, this will protect them from getting sat on, crashing against the dashboard, and from having beverages spilled on them.

When you are looking at a pair of antique binoculars make sure that the lenses are clear. The lenses and leather coverings are difficult and expensive and to repair and replace.

There are several types of binoculars available for everyone; bird watchers, sportsmen, and marine enthusiast.

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